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Todd Valentine is preparing for the launch of the first long-term program entitled Hist University of Valentine, a lot of RSD desirable fanboys. As most people know, the usual social dynamics following that buys almost all of them have taken and fanboys are unreliable judges RSD enthusiastic new projects. The only way to know if the hype is justified to really get hold of upcoming projects and deeper and think ‘new’ technology voodoo / mind / hoodoo to finish the question. Sometimes it can be difficult, especially when the secret nature of the DSR and even some experts question the strong political program industry released (this is due to the concerns of software piracy in the past). What remains are some options are a perfect idea about what is included in the program for us, not to mention provide full coverage. I am determined to do is to analyze changes in the identification of materials and marketing materials Pre-extraction in the direction of this program compared to previous programs, and then I will discuss and create the program and control group RSD PR-depth understanding of the differences and benefits of this program, but for the rest of the industry of seduction. Okay, rant. . . Let me get it.


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