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The company, founded by Dr. Bentley began to feel uncomfortable. During the great depression of the 1920s, the company received funding from Woolf Barnato but survival as difficult and the company was sold to Rolls Royce in 1931. Soon a group of rich British businessman, known as the Bentley Boys back in the car with a completely new design.
The initial Bentleys became more famous on the race track and was in the possession of the king. The first Bentley started with a 3 Litre and was increased to 8 liters of about twenty or thirty years. However, during the 2. The second world war, was designed for its effectiveness. After the war, Bentley, Limousine, and looked at him, and he was often compared to RollsRoyce. But the 70s and 80s were poor years for the car.
In the second part of the 80s, the car has to have the image of the sport, because they are, in General, the Mulsanne, and this time, with rollsRoyce in the internal market and on the international market.
In 1998, Bentley motors was acquired by Volkswagen, but, in the year 2002, the rights were transferred to the BMW. BMW previously supplied components for the V8 and V 12 in the late 1900s
In 2002, Bentley presented the continental GT, with a powerful W12 engine. This was followed by the cote dazur. The question that the two machines, to be strong for most of 2000. At the end of the year 2000, the Bentley Arnage to be replaced. In 2008, there have been rumors about the SUV, the style, the Bentley would be on the side of the production, but the economic crisis has ideas on the shelf. Another objective for the future of hybrid cars. However, with a total shutdown, the Bentley is presented with the consequences of the extremes of the distribution. Like all of the car companies, it will depend on the survival of the Bentley as a difficult period of recession.The Ferrari is a sports car of Italian luxury, which has always been synonymous with speed, glamour and wealth. The company was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1928. From the beginning, Enzo elite speed that the car has been. In the early years of Ferrari racing in Europe. Despite the success on the way to the fight with Ferrari, from a financial point of view, for the most part of the years 40 70.
Finally, Enzo Ferrari sold the company to Fiat, and a new Era began at the end of the 80s. In 1988, the Ferrari F 40 was built and is still sustained today, that is one of the best super sports cars ever produced. Today Ferrari is not only car models, but which have a commercial interest in the bicycle, perfume, clothes, cell phones, and even watches.
The first Ferrari road car was not until 1947, and it was 125. During this period, Enzo Ferrari in the race, and the Ferrari, which has always remained at the top in the formula one series of races.

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