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If your answer is no ‘absolute yes’ to any of these questions, then you are at right place.What I will say is, why in the past is always present life is not what you want and what you can do in the near future seems to be everything you ever wanted and more.My name is Dr. Joe Rubino and for the last 20 years of my life have helped people around the world to achieve sustainable positive change in their lives.You may read my story on the cover of the magazine have Success’ or me, Jack Canfield, Dr. Joe Vitale and other self-improvement experts throughout the film ‘Opus’ or Brian Tracey, Bob Proctor and many other automotive experts -Assistance Journey movies. I’m not saying it emphasizes the effect, but I am more than capable of helping to create the life you want for yourself because I have many, including myself even.This allows me to help people is not that I am very talented, gifted or blessed with some unique quality that no one else on this planet, all I have. . . Experienced and know what works.You see, many years, I found myself very unhappy and dissatisfied, even if revenues have won six significant digits of the year of execution own office dentist.Despite having achieved all the goals that I put forward in dental school, and owns and operates a successful business, it was still empty inside, I knew something most rewarding of my life.The problem is that although I, Economic mental effort, I failed. And even if the feeling of success varies from person to person, the most authentic, success will be very happy and at peace mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and emotionally.

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