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Testosterone levels are highest between 04: 00-6: 00 am. Take a cold shower at night before bedtime can help you fall asleep, but also help you improve your natural testosterone levels. Add wake up the same, but the levels always stimulates T. After the last shower for 10 minutes in both morning and evening. And keep as cool as possible.Estrogen plastic containing chemicals that increase levels of estrogen in the body, and then, testosterone levels are reduced. Avoid carrying water in plastic bottles and plastic containers for food.We do not talk very often, stress is one of the main inhibitors of testosterone because it involves the release of cortisol in the body. One way to measure the testosterone is bound to cortisol. If cortisol is high, can not testosterone. It is important to relax once a month. Get into nature, turn off the computer and disconnect.STUDY # 1: Christina Dr. Wang of the University of California, Los Angeles, for the effect of treatment with testosterone in men with testosterone deficiency in studies that people feel nervous expressed anger, irritability and aggressiveness before treatment.After treatment, anger and fear reduced their sense of optimism and better usability. Testosterone is not just the anger hormone that cause were (and are) believe that health is for a person as well as essential.

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