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I finished the entire system in a few days, and I won, by volume. Looking back to the starting point, the amount of change that I have noticed phenomenal. In the beginning of the program, referred to in my head, I actually laughed at how ridiculous some of my goals seemed. It was as I described the kind of dream may never come. But now, the surprising number of them are, in fact, here and now, and part of me. Not every goal has been achieved, but because I still have a long way to go before me, and this program has taught me to enjoy the process of change rather than fear!Before this program, I was sure that all floors wise. I did not know what I did in my life, I had no real friends, I literally could not keep eye contact (eyes began to tear and began to lament physiological) and j ‘had no humor or trust at all. Now I have no problem with not very comfortable and joy, he learned that like to keep in contact with the eyes (and I’m a lot of smiles and hello too!) And all the problems and objectives of the theory of beauty and exciting coverage dashboard. I used to go days without saying a word (literally!), But now I get ordinary people on the street and to brighten your day with a smile, eyes and a warm greeting. I do not remember what it was like a CD, but something really memorable was with me. ‘Are you affected by the environment or impact on the environment? ‘It’s trying to be.One part of the plan that has done something that is out of your comfort zone. There are some days I went to this great feast in my school. I had no problems at first and become very friendly with others. In fact, I got up and made bamboo dance that hot girl he was talking about! I could not believe I did a dance I’ve never done before, in front of literally 100+ abroad with a hot girl! I had fun, I wonder how to find this program would never have dared to do. This is a guy out for 6 weeks, even went to the party because he was very shy and afraid of not being able to talk with everyone and show recluse.The program made me grow what I always wanted to be. I know all of the accumulated energy I had and helped me to use it to guide me along the way, to show me the door, so you can open it for me. As someone said earlier, this program is the best friend I ever had, is short and understanding and help me change for the better. Thank you so much, hypnotic. You have made a great impact on my life. soon learns confidence and easy to attract success, money, women, and satisfaction in life. . .

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