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Institutional ownership refers to the Percentage of Shares of the Company Institutions, Investment funds, Insurance companies, etc………. in and out of the Contributions in large Blocks. It is Part of the Decor, in Fact, a certain Degree of Stability and the Contribution of the Spins of Purchase and Sale, respectively. Investors believe that it is an important Factor, because you can enjoy a Wide Range of Research, that through these Institutions, Their portfolio Decision. The importance of Institutions in Market Action cannot be under-estimated, and Accounts for more than 70% of the Volume of Dollars that are traded on a daily basis. Market efficiency is the Target audience. Who put the Money in a Warehouse, like to see a Return on Investment. However, as already mentioned, human Emotions, and always in the Market to determine which over-Valuation of the Shares in circulation. Investors should have regard to the Standards through the design of tools for the Action of voting, as well as the Development of the correct Answer in the model, such as Functions of a Channel (detection of trends) with Intelligence. People of Trading of Shares of a hundred Years, with the Hope of getting Rich. Unfortunately, for most of the People who, many times, is not as easy as it seems. The choice of Stocks to invest, can be very difficult for a common Man, and it gets harder and harder, when the Economy is in Recession. The saddest thing is that most of the People, to invest in these difficult Times, You will lose Money. How can one of the few Advantages of the Recession? So, the Key for the Profitability of a beef Business, bad economic Times to identify a trend that is likely to move quickly, and then arrive in the mail, before the Title of new. You need to Trade quickly, after a, the more likely it is that, in order to be profitable. In the Case of most People, that a careful Analysis of the behavior on the reservation, it is almost impossible. There are, of course, progressive mathematical Formulas, with the aim of be able, to analyze trends and predict Changes in the Future, exactly, but if you are not a Mathematician and Statistician this Type of Analysis is very complicated to do it by itself. The solution lies in the Use of the software in the analysis of Populations.

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