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You Have Worries About Perfect Weight Forever

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But it is cured, if the session with Marisa problem rooted in the past, Anna has lost more than 35 pounds, live on less than 132 pounds – the exact weight Marisa said, looking at your ideal weight. “I have a better selection of foods that are not known – is strange”, “he admits.Marisa Training Institute pairs studied hypnosis in Los Angeles, known as the best training center in the world hypnotherapy. Marisa works a lot on TV and radio, and the fat of the most successful therapists and support against Celebrity Fit Club Kingdom and the United States was elected. Marisa was named best therapist Health Tatler UK has 250 men and a guide to the best doctors in the UK.He worked for 25 years with a long list of clients, including copyright, rock stars, actors, professional and Olympic athletes, CEOs and media personalities and developed his style, which is often called change of life .Marisa is a successful author of four books and generally considered an expert on television and radio. column in the men’s magazine was a physical therapist nutritionist Sunday was also the human heart for the weekly column narrow mind. Now he devotes all his time to talk and change people’s lives.In addition to treating patients Marisa conferences, writing columns and appearing on television and radio around the world. Marisa is recognized as one of the best therapists in the world because of its unique approach that always gets results.It’s not what you eat .. is what you eat.Sometimes, good old diet and exercise are not enough. Since overeating is an emotional issue, it will not be defeated logic.So how can we change our behavior?.Weight loss motivation hypnosis means more effective. Hypnosis is something that is often experienced in everyday life. When immersed in a movie or a task and lose time that such a state of hypnosis occurs. If you drive a car is a known position on autopilot and not even realize that it is a state of hypnosis..Recently, he took a leading American psychiatrists experiments on volunteers showed how the brain can affect our thoughts, paralyzed. Since the subconscious is responsible for 90% of the shares – if we can change our minds – we can change our behavior. So how does it work? Hypnosis to change our consciousness, so that the consciousness (thought) is out of mind and the subconscious (emotional), the mind must be agreed.

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