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The financial markets are a zero-sum game. Everyone tries to win, but the pie is not infinite, and that the market adapts to the spectral group of winners, which is always very large, of planning, to your advantage.

But for a small minority, there is a way to get rid of the complexity of the mechanisms of the market. To get an idea of what is good, let’s take a look at the table, the new star of the award:in the context of a significant increase in the price of Hansen Natural program for achievement, multiplied by a factor of the order of 100 to less than 3 years. This, of course, on the way back, and I have pointed out, the goal is a good example, but a representation of something.

He shows directly, which may be caused % of the amount invested. Actions, many times, many photos, very large, raw material or currency. But the risk of the investment itself. This asymmetry is evident, for all financial instruments. Its advantage is the price, the behavior of the asymmetry, the price, stock, advantage for investors. Margin trading in the Forex or futures market, please request an invoice, even below zero, it is simple, linear and not logarithmic behavior to increase. The options are at a price that decreases with time, which destroys the advantage of the non-linear the price you want to offer at first sight.

But there is yet another thing. The multiplication is already a trend that went straight to the top, almost always, was still very strong. In such a situation, the market forces to play against the owners of small businesses, in exchange for….

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