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Mobile monetary system on any page, and I think it’s 100% scam. I think, based on the fact that I purchased the product is used as described above, and was found. Google Analytics shows the visitors more than two weeks, they say, you can get tons of visitors on a daily basis. Tactics is clear. Restore the original purchase of the system and do so in a very low price, if you try. Then, after the purchase, try to sell the service to buy ‘something like $ 197. 00. They know that people think about their refund policy as well, but it is not. Therefore, if you have purchased the product and service ‘, we will do everything for you, so you can claim a refund of the purchase price a little bit, but not $ 197. 00.Another feature of the product is very misleading sales scam video clearly that the professional web software for 20 seconds. First of all, it takes more than 20 seconds, but above all, do not search for a professional web at all. Video sales, the use of the site The Lion King looks so great you think that this is the kind of site you’re just you.You have to buy them, ‘We will do our best to serve you an extra $ 00 to get 197. Even if you buy a service also would not be a high price to pay for some professional websites on a monthly basis, but the more important thing is to know the system is not available for all visitors of the mobile Internet, where the idea is to sell a product. You can choose the best place in the world, but if it is foreign, so what’s the point?I asked the suppliers of goods and re-why not get visitors to your website who have created the movement, and are asked to confirm that I did everything right. They never responded to what I have found is typical of them.

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