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The Childs Disability, the Child is Born in the IQ, on Average, but, because of the Possibility of Passive Learning. In the Territory of the State, of two and a half years below the Level of the World. The inability of the Child to a Child mentally retarded, but who is learning deficient. These Defects are shown. With the right Kind of Education, the Childs Disability it can improve very much.

Parents need to understand that there are four main Categories of Processes of Skill Learning. This is visual Perception, visual Memory, auditory Perception and auditory Memory. Again, the Fact that a child with a Disability, the Child develops the Ability to learn, as well as Basic Skills in Reading and Math, in order to be able to do well in School, in his true intellectual Level.

If the Childs Parents, develops a Series of Learning and basic skills. You should be aware of the Fact that there are many Children who have the same problem, but with the Help of which you will be able to overcome the Shortcomings to be overcome and to develop these Skills. I have to say that this Issue means that it is not smart, and is an innate Ability to do good. It is important that Parents with Children who are working hard, but at the same Time, I understand, to learn, in which the Development of Your Skills, You will be able to be much easier. The child must understand that this is during the Night, it becomes a little bit more Time. But it is also known that the Type of Help and hard Work, if the Development of Competition, it is possible to discover all the other Children.

The result of the Consolidation of Currencies and the Ability to learn to learn, Training and motivation, which are important as Part of what is happening, to help Children to overcome Their Disabilities.

The second Question refers to the Learning process of Children with Disabilities, you Can help Your Child significant visual Perception, the problem is that they are often new to the Order of the Letters, or rather of Letters when Reading or writing. In particular, Children do not understand the Differences between similar Words. For Example, a Child has an important problem of visual Perception, after Reading it, as it was, as we have seen, was, as they wish, for as small as a smile, Stand, Light, Buy the Kitchen as a Kitten and Caravans. The points of Weakness of the Child, not with the Understanding of the Reading or the writing is incomprehensible. It is not uncommon for the Beginning reader, and to confuse the Reader, and the Letters or Words that I cant delete, if the Child, for Months or Replacement of the Letters in Reading or writing, is a Sign that the Child with special Needs, with particular Emphasis on Jobs, to overcome the feeling of Guilt.

Parents can use the Words, confuse Your Childs Registration, if it is oral, reading, the Differences and, then, to Read with Your Child, every Word of it. Parents can then type the Words on a flashcard with two Words on each Page of the Tab, so that the Child is, also, the Difference between the two Words, in which you can compare. For Example, a Hand of Cards, You can say, smile and smile. Then, you must be the Son of the Books and see in the next few Days, it will always be Books, for to overcome.

If a Child is confused, but the two Words, Parents can try another Method of Teaching. You can print each Word on a Sheet of Paper and then ask Your Child, keep track of every Word that you say, in each of the Letters to Read the Traces of the word, the Word. The child must feel the Imprint of the Word again and again, until it is what it really means. The child should do the same thing with the Word, similar, but not identical.

Finally, the book aims to help Students to develop their visual Perception. These Books can be very useful, if, within ten or fifteen Minutes, two or three times a Week. Books are the most misunderstood, the Words are especially useful to identify the problem areas.

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