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See how hormones play a role:high testosterone levels tend to be the distribution of calories (more muscle, less fat) have positive effects. And, chronically high levels of key cortisol (the stress hormone) has the opposite effect (less muscle, more fat).Thyroid and nervous system are also very important. And not only the effect … but also your fat burning metabolism.See how:Optimize the nervous system, thyroid and cause burn fat faster and less muscle loss, while you are on a low calorie diet. Not to make the fat to mention, if you overeat.Therefore, balance of hormones has a large meals X deal.You hours Ir (each protocol is different, however, in 16 hours all the way up to 24-36 hours each time) then you eat less food large windows “power” . (Sounds like an animal in a zoo, right?!)Benefits?You get to eat larger meals — Less cooking and cleaning requiredSaving money on food (yes, it sounds crazy, but it’s true, if you do not eat for 24 hours, guess what is spent on food Nothing.!) -But intermittent fasting is all it’s cracked up to be?Research shows intermittent fasting (if done right) is a variety of health benefits for weight loss, type 2 diabetes to reduce heart health to improve. It can also help prevent cancer, improving brain health and preventing Alzheimer’s disease.It is also a popular strategy people use to break weight loss plateau.

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