I’m living the Dream. I retired and moved to the Philippines.

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In particular, the knowledge of the culture of a people, and why not, it was very instructive for me. I’ve learned not to be expected, Oxidized, whatever you want there. This book gave me a sample of what is useful, in the future, the adventures of the earth to the Paradise, Thanks Oxidado.De the spear and said: “Rusty Ferguson foundations of Expat, training manual, an excellent guide for all those who, in thinking, in the Philippines, it is easy to save a new expat thousands of dollars. I visited in the Philippines, and I, too, have learned to read, new things. The organization before your trip (visas, vaccines, transport), culture, and the best way to interact with Filipinos and the Philippines, cheating, marriage and divorce, the cost of living and the possibility to transfer money in the Philippines. Rusty ebook back, up to 60 days money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied”.Money back If you are not satisfied, If you are satisfied with the purchase. Close the book for a refund within 60 days. No Questions Asked.Must Travel, and at the end of the Month, in the Philippines, and a beautiful Month! The only bad news: this is not enough, but this is not always the Case? Yes, yes, it is true. But, even more, in the Philippines. Why? For those who have forgotten that it is a Country of the Third World, which is full of more than 7,000 Islands, which will allow you to visit each of the the end of fear.a…..
Yes, you’ve read my blog, you know that you have travelled in many Countries of south-east Asia. In the philippines, it surprises me that, in many Aspects, but also on a couple of Occasions, it was a little long, expensive and, in General, took me by surprise. So, I decided to insert here are a few Suggestions for future Trips, and I hope that this helps some of You!Every time I travel to brazil, but for some Reason, People are still reluctant to act, and to continue the Process of “Thailand-Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam-“the Road”.
Do not miss the beautiful Country!!! In my Opinion, Philippines is better than all of these Countries between them. And I’ll tell you why! It doesn’t feel like your wallet, in the Philippines and in Contact with the local Population, and to be a friend, it is easier than in other Countries.
If I think on Facebook, now I have no Friends, in the Philippines, in my Country. I am still in Contact with a large number of Filipinos, that I made during my Trip, many of Them, I fell once more, or for the entire Trip. Reveals, such as loyalty, Love and Friends. In summary, I like it!!!!! When I realized that all the major business Centres of the city of Manila, I had the Feeling that Filipinos must be crazy to go Shopping. Then I realized that Shopping for a Family. Or as Friends of the Filipinos say: “came out of the air Conditioning.”
However, purchases in the Philippines, a long march of Experience. The Country is known by many as a great Center of Art and Crafts. Manila is the fantastic shopping opportunities. There are a Lot of Places to go and it all depends on what You can buy, and it is the budget. SM City North EDSA is located in Quezon city is the largest Shopping centre in south-east Asia, the SM Mall of Asia, Manila, is 2. the largest shopping mall in the Philippines after SM City North EDSA, 4. the largest mall in the World.
Shops, Supermarkets, shops, restaurants, Cafes, Cinemas and entertain, in 3D at the Cinema, Internet Café, beauty Centre, You can find everything you need during the Day.

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