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It causes anxiety by the same forces of the United States livelihood and bank accounts to give (often by the courts, employers or other provisions) to extremely expensive and invasive treatment programs, of which almost all goods damaged our lives – and almost all of which ultimately secure.The truth: The highest percentage of drug addicts is fully functional, with jobs and families and mortgages and many smiles (I hope).the dependence of the industry told us that we had come violence and despite the values of addicts.The truth: We are not employees, despite our values, but it is precisely our values, and this is reflected wasting your time and money in the way we choose. In fact, the only reliable diagnosis of addiction is a measure of how we use our time and money, which exceeds:. Exactly why the dependency is almost always diagnosed the first family member, friend or co-worker, without medical family, friends and colleagues know where to spend their time and money. The doctor is not.In addition, we are victims of our addiction. In any case, we are in this area, especially in our meta-dependence of all digital media and fully involved. Nobody ever put a gun to his head and threatened to pull the trigger when “Charles in Charge” reruns all weekend or a picnic in line with the latest purchase compulsive iPhone.These are simple facts about addiction. So why the fuss? If addiction is quite normal, what’s the problem? The problem is that addiction of any kind is a mirror image of a man is too much in our lives, and that addiction to advanced – as our goal dependence of all the media and all digital – at last take as administrators and referees , we believe and live. Ultimately, they steal time and money and freedom, regardless of the drug. In other words, the establishment of the dependence of the failure of the social climate is the perfect tool for Huxley fascist Twitter. Look around and tell me otherwise ..

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