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Ok, so my name is James Wright and I am an expert of the US Navy Seal and preparing for retirement.And even though I fought to protect the big bridge more than three decades, I’m not stupid either.And it is with a heavy heart patriotic man I have to put the dirty lies and cover-ups of our Board of Directors, the chain of corruption and secrecy, I found the unremitting exploration and research. . .These settings are almost certain death is to our economy, and everything happens much faster than expected. . .In fact, when it hits (as opposed to all the other crises we have seen) the most frightening of all our country does not Attention!The government knows that this crisis is to use the element of surprise in the audience and suddenly defenseless, so you can keep control of the masses.When classified information, can be found here, I promise you that you will have enough time to prepare for the quality of military defense strategy to protect yourself and your family time.Start with the obvious lie, I mean 3 and operate in dangerously close to the end, leaving only the United States know about the knees. . .The last big lie that the show is by far the most worrying of all, so be sure to pay attention to, and turn off all distractions, because this may be the only time I see this presentation. . .Okay, first of all I want to show you how to read numbers from a card in such a way that the current levels of unemployment and inflation, are blatant lies and covered chairs, the public so happy and Lahti.

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