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Side effects were terrible and I do not feel 100%. Over the years, I started using drugs, pot and make my way to heroin. I thought, this is not how I want to live my life, life can not be so difficult, why life is so messed up, nothing happens because I wanted to, I survived, the spirit is not alive, I’m just down the hill, FAST.Then I found your site and participated in its own E-7 days of golf. The transition personality changed my life; Not even words to describe how it changed my life. My thoughts took a new direction. I did not receive antidepressant medications or three weeks, it does not affect some people, but for me it means the world. Living in the past 8 years of pills and medicines on a daily basis is now reflected in reality nothing is a miracle for me. It’s like I was blind, now I see. The sounds I hear are stronger, the colors are brighter, the flavors are tasty and feelings, and now know what it feels like to feel the love of the people; my whole outlook on life has changed.Now I know my life is different, I can not believe that; It is as if reborn to live life. I’m very grateful.
I even went back to college and IV decided to study electrical engineering, was something that dreams are supposed to be able to. I went with the idea, I can not, can not, it will not happen to me ‘and’ I am, I can, I will! ‘My family can not believe that my personality has changed. Thank you, changed my life !!!I tell everyone I know about you and how it changed my life. You gave me a reason to live again, and I am eternally grateful.

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