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Another effective strategy for preventing inflammation is the use of certain medications, for one or more days during the season (for people with asthma, it is the fall season), during multiple seasons or year round. The category of these medications for the balance of the pole of the cell, (large cells filled with potent inflammation-inducing chemicals called leukotrienes), respiratory tract, and plays a central role in allergy-induced asthma. This mast cell-stabilizing inhalants has Cromolyn and Nedocromyl.Another one of the sites, the stimulants and a short course of steroids as part of building the life in the treatment of bronchial asthma, early and aggressive use of symptom relief medications, including Beta-2-receptor-saving treatment. This form of treatment has the additional advantage that the patient-care staff in a sustainable and safe in the treatment of acute episodes of asthma. This type of sustainability is fundamental to the success of the control of chronic diseases. And the good news in this context is the one of the second-class of Beta-2 medications (essentially more than the choice of the isomers optical the parent drug). In recent years there is a concerted effort by the public health institutions, and in particular the National heart, lung, and blood Institute and other agencies, doctors, training on the best way to control asthma. Training, self-help groups and the Internet played an important role in the provision of useful information for parents who have children with asthma, and patients. In short, the therapeutic and attitudinal advances in asthma was very much in the last 15 to 20 years, resulting in a more effective way and the safest way to check. Even if medicine is not on the horizon, nearly complete control in your hands.

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