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Now, the process of communication and to increase your vocabulary is very natural for a child. But, oh, parents, you would do well to be more interested in the present process that would have helped to increase the vocabulary of the child. What can you do? Here are some hair tips to help you:
Always take time to sing and talk with your child: When the child becomes of the month of January of the year of the united nations has reached the age, it is necessary to cultivate the habit of singing and talking with the child, at least, of the un, of the time, every day, without guilt. It doesnt matter if the baby responds to your voice, or your music, or your child does not respond. Can you comment on the sea is just a part of the process, but no matter. It is very important to continue with this procedure. You can sing nursery rhymes, talk about different things. according to the instructions of his son, the trees, the birds, the cars, the flowers, etc. and then, talk with your child about these games.Expose the child to a variety of activities, Before starting to speak, the dance, the children tend to create what is called an open vocabulary. This is the process in which the child, in the store, and both the probation and concepts in your head. Make your child a wide variety of probation and concepts, it is necessary that you have to expose you, there are many different types of activities, amusement parks, zoo, supermarket, playground, etc., nursery rhymes and songs work and a wonder: for a lot of video or audio on the Cd or Dvd drive, and you can, and let your child listen to or watch the movies. You can find a lot of things come in a educational cds, nursery rhymes and short stories. The kids love this kind of stuff, and the process of this, it is also the likes and dislikes of your child and comes to know that he or she is better.The language is basic, the children can communicate and express themselves, as well as helping them to think and be creative. Children have the gift blind since birth, the reason for the similar to pay cooing son in murmur of the hair of parole, and, gradually, to expand the vocabulary of 200 probation in the first year, almost two times more than the 500 launch in the second and all have reached the age of three years, the average vocabulary of children in some stretching almost all the 1000s of probation..

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