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Beryl Dingenmans, the Author is a Specialist in Fertility Questions, and has written and published several Articles on this Topic. His Book, Simple Fertility Secrets has helped many Women from all Corners of the World, to achieve the Goal of becoming Pregnant with a healthy baby. The greater part of the Time is devoted to the Counseling of Women with Fertility Problems.
It Seems to me that most of the Women said that there was no Hope of a Child to the Doctor. This Diagnosis should not be the rock. Many doctors are not aware, alternative Treatments and add-Ons, that really rejuvenates the Body and the variation of the Success rate, that a Woman is Pregnant. Half the Battle is won, once a Woman begins to believe again that you cant get Pregnant.I thought that he was to me, I know that the Beryl board of directors, I have done a couple of Weeks of Pregnancy! Today, it is still very early and Im with a Lot of Progesterone for Maintenance of Pregnancy. In terms of Diagnosis, which was similar to Beryls Story but also with the Complications that I am not going through a Period of nine Months, and both glands supra-renal and Thyroid Problems and auto-immune Diseases, I couldnt believe it… I did a Month of Pregnancy, and as I started with the Program. Im so excited that you can do it, in full, if medical Science can say that the egg Donation is the only Way with which You are Able to get Pregnant. I would like the in vitro fertilization, if there is an option for me, so I can only encourage Women to test for the phase to start the Day, the Waiting time for IVF. You can never say thank you Beryl, but bless you for sharing your Story with all of us, and the best thing, all the rest try this…, therefore, the good News. I had a Blood test the other Day, and here are my Results: FSH 12.9 LH / 6.1 / Estradiol 941 / Progesterone unreal 1!!!! My Doctor says these Results are the Fruit of a normal 37-year-old Women around the time of Ovulation. Im so excited… I have a Expert in five Weeks. This is the first meeting. Wait… Im going to continue and once again I thank you for giving me the faith in Crazy.
Once again, I thank You that I brought the chaos. I am very satisfied with his Son. I thought that I would be Able to handle my situation, but now decided to do the rest. I did not have my Period and my FSH is very, very high, so I am looking for Girls for the Menopause, after which the doctors and the ovarian reserve is very good. Then, on the Basis of a Specialist, there is nothing.
Please, come to me, if You have many Women, who are in Contact with Them… She made the Difference and gave Hope to many. Thank you once more, that I am much better in my situation. An incredible Story. Im in Tears! Im 36 and POF/early menopause. The high Level of FSH. There are Periods of 4 Months. I am in Mourning for the moment. Im going to try and there is nothing better than to sit down with the do nothing and only listen to his Doctors grim Prediction. This is a good Tip. Thanks… I have the same situation as you, no Eggs, high FSH 22.7, age 44. Unlike Them, I was a Doctor, and I went to the Donation of Eggs, two times per each Cycle of in vitro FERTILIZATION was unsuccessful and ended with a spontaneous Abortion. I am really happy that I found Your web Site, and cant wait to experience what he wanted. Thanks, that gives me Hope.Today, more than 20% of married Women in the Population are sterile. The Reasons may be Different. But the Main Cause of Infertility is our diet and changes in lifestyle. It is for this Reason that many Women is the Treatment of Infertility Medication to get Pregnant faster. But they are not the Effects that these over-the-counter Treatments. There may be some Side effects of these Drugs. Read more to find out what is the best Method to get Pregnant Naturally.
Today, there are Basically two Types of over-the-counter Products Available. The first increases the artifical Hormones and stimulates ovulation. The second increases the Possibility of Pregnancy, even if the Woman has a normal Ovulation Periods.
There are several Products, such as Femara and Clomid or Gonadotropins. Treat breast cancer (Femara) is a Complement of Infertility Treatments with Drugs. The Products like Femara suppresses the Production of estrogen in the Body and produces several Hormones that stimulate the Ovaries. The LH and FSH Hormones to speed up the Process of ovulation and superovulação. Therefore, Femara, improves the Process of Ovulation and increases the rate of a normal Pregnancy.
But, recently, it has been discovered that the Femara Side effects. Recent studies show that this is a defect in congenital Cases, the Patients were treated had to be for this Medication in the Past. If the Administration of this medication during Pregnancy may have serious Consequences for the Health of Your Baby. In addition, the Manufacturer of the Drug, based on this Fact.There may be other Side effects, through the Use of information Products, such as headache, breast tenderness, heat waves and others. On the other Hand, there are some alternative and holistic Treatments for Infertility natural cure himself, without the Use of expensive. They are more effective than over-the-counter Products and are completely safe for Women.
I suggest you try, is a simple, but effective, Natural, home Remedies for the Treatment of fertility problems and, in the Case of not obtaining a Result and then talk to Your Doctor to decide the Treatment.Fertility Secrets are for all Parties. But it is a Matter of Resistance, for the Event, to discover that these Tips or Secrets to hide. There are Moments in which the Viewer can ignore the fact that these Proposals are common Sense.
If You want to become Pregnant, You should go to a Doctor, the Pregnancy and the Requirements of Infertility Medicine immediately.
What I would like to share with you some of simple and easy-to-use, Fertility of Ideas, as the point of Reference.
1, the Peak of Fertility, with respect to sexual relations
You and Your partner need sexual Act, the penis into the Vagina. The penis must be Ejaculated into the vagina, Depositing Sperm near the cervix, the Mouth of the Uterus.

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