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If your English vocabulary is limited to 150 words or less, this program is perfect for you. (Or more clearly because in English ‘. You do not speak many words, large ink for you’) you do not even need to know the difference between ‘no’ and ‘not working’. In fact, you do not even need to know that ‘does not work’ is even a word. I’ll tell you, I never forget that I even mentioned.Tattoo artists presented in the Act must subscribe to an unwritten code of not being aloud to use the word ‘not working’. It might have something to do with them trying to look as if they have a thing called ‘street cred’ despite being quite comfortable – but not sure. Perhaps the misuse of ‘doing’ is quite innocent. Anyway, it does not reveal much about them – like how to dress and act is not.Every time a woman calls another woman ‘type’, it breaks. It never fails. A common phenomenon in the world of ink from skin and bite children.I think women should have the hands of a sailor or less professional tattoo Wales Ukraine. Fondue Kat sk ** k like a poor junkie Ken Loach kitchen-sink drama. It is a cross between a Goth chick, punk confusing time spend an emotional insecurity, a man and a woman with severe burns. Tens of tattoos on the body of a woman is not a fascinating mosaic – as she rolled in a liquid bath of blue pencils with mud thrown in for good measure. Kat looks as if he has not washed for weeks. I’m sure this is something that is very proud.’This tattoo will be a celebration of what I feel for me right now, ‘says a customer. Translation: ‘I feel like I have because it will look good. ‘At least this woman was relatively honest; just take a look at this explanation. ‘This tattoo is dedicated to my brother who lost both legs school savings to load Rhino Safari gone wrong’ Translation: ‘. I just want a tattoo because it looks good and amazing people ‘can not just give the real reason for this pathetic excuse? In this sense, the IAF is as predictable as ‘Love Boat’.It is a ridiculous idea needs an exalted cumin, ‘deep’ exaggerated ‘spiritual’ (there’s that word again), and especially the ‘disinterested’ reason to pay Kat fondue hot needle sticking in the skin. We all know why people actually get; it has to do with vanity, fashion-slavery and low IQ. Everyone can be a sad story of why they have the tattoo, but it really is to have a celebrity like Kat Fondue stick metal objects in your body in a television program nationwide. This simple but act silly (and expensive) makes certain types of people feel like they’ve joined the ‘hip crowd’, which had its three seconds of glory (though the hours of persistent pain). Thus the inferiority complex and the exhibitionist impulse to be the center of attention with a lot to do with it too.

Kat anonymous clients are well aware that they have no chance in the program unless they constitute a reason for tearing rare to get a tattoo, representing about BS jerkerish tear they can, and that is: to survive the editing room . In this sense, the IAF has evolved into a strange and unique show, the recipe is more or less take any cyclists subculture quasi-hard-bum tattoo and then plunging into some very small chick who MAUDLIN sentimentality is generally obtained in Hollywood movies. So you can imagine the demographics of this love show Mid boring (and boring) house puberty adolescence affected by aging (hence increasingly sentimental) Hells Angels.Even more unfortunate are C grade celebrities who come to the show just to promote their new single diagrams B-movie that nobody cares, or in a final attempt to remind viewers that still exist, perhaps hoping connections or using MIP, and some other performances / appearances as mental retardation, as a last chance attempt to revive his career semi-stirring. They can not sell their souls to the success of his last show of the product, but what they can do is sacrifice a piece of his skin for it.How uncomfortable it feels to have a woman who looks like a gothic paste an object touching hot metal just above the ass as you say Ready sentimental nonsense crying his heart because tattooeaux? I can not even imagine, but certainly I can see.Nobody will deny that Kat Fondue talent and your employees have, but rather that they should not bring their small sharp images on paper or canvas instead? The skin is a living, breathing organ, the higher it is, I’m not sure it was intended for slaughter ink. As expected, sometimes rebellious infection. Daft is saying something to the owner.

What I see is an antidote to the spectacle of the AFP, a television series that follows people who are trying to get rid of their old tattoos. It could be called ‘L. A. Laser ‘and would include people with (but fun) stories that move as they were silent once to exit maul her skin, all in the name of fashion and’ hipness’. ‘HE. Laser ‘should be located just across the street from’ L. A. Ink ‘. Workers could see their future customers leave instead of Kat. And they smiled and smiled at us with them – at least those of us who are not slaves fads.OK silly, actually, I was hooked for two seasons and found the uplifting and refreshing view. beautiful, interesting artists and generally very little drama, which aims IMHO … So anticipates the third season, but turned out to be a great success. And I speak not only the content but also surprisingly assembly. In the age of digital images improved and perfectionism in the media they expect no less, in a popular show, and it is not the case of LA Ink. All cut and paste all first plan is a disaster. You know very well that executives were stuck, because it sounds faster (I am not an editor to forgive my profanity). Then there are the bits (Progress) at the start of the program which are beyond simply stuck together for dramatic effect context. How boring. Let me say that in season 3 there is gross negligence on the part of producers. Also hiring incompetent Blondi and hold for so long … what was that? Adrian is horrible woman, moody and it’s no wonder that no one could stay too long. It could also be due to the fact that the crew is so tight, but in this case should not even try to expand the family. Art in Season 3 also lost the original quality. I have come 5/10 because of previous seasons. Sorry to see this show go down like that.

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