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Thousands functional training professional athletes have contributed to the outstanding performance worldwide. It can be applied to all sports and athletes train “smart” for the specific needs of sport.Functional training is based Champions!Example – German soccer team just won the World Cup athletes … well paid much of its success to its impressive level of fitness allocated – and you guessed it, the team focuses on functional training! If this type of training helps athletes achieve a successful international stars, it can also help. Here’s another example … years (physiotherapist and professional snowboarder) and Mitch do Tölderer (professional and snowboard MD) improve their functional training routine exercises.Consequently, Mitch finished second in the Freeride World Tour just one season later and became champion in 2011 Freeride World Tour.For me, a functional training is to prepare perfectly for confidence and form in winter. Bibi circle contains a good mix of strength exercises, balance and endurance Although I do. A lot of sport in the summer in a functional training is you can go to the limits and the first session, might feel more and more. I do not want to lose. Functional training is not only fun to do with the group, this is my body feels good. I like to do to prepare for winter, so I was ready to start my potential for snowboarding.The training helped me to build parts of my body, which is really a good ski important performance. Although this is not just a job, but also because of the skills of balance and coordination!The scientific approach for better performance..Research has shown that regular strength training (with the formation of solid material), simply is not as effective as functional training.In fact, business users increased by 58% concentration solid group higher. Improving balance was 196% higher to 30%, joint pain and reduced overall fixed (Spennewyn 2009) have been reported.And functional training to improve their performance?Functional training involves the creation or adaptation of training, as in real life or real sport, several joints and focus on the body’s natural ability to move with six degrees of freedom. Therefore, this type of training to improve their performance, both in real life and real situations of sport!Functional Training Training Vs Old SchoolUnfortunately, most fitness facilities offer a variety of weight machines and target specific muscle isolated. Possible movements of physical training devices are not necessarily related to the movement of persons within their regular activities or sports do.In fact, more to gain by building muscle weight gain – but its use is not practical in real life and real situations of sport. For every move “real”, they have different muscles working together.Training, working in the real world …If you make a right turn on skis or a snowboard, for example, and then all the muscles of the heart – ankles, and even all the way to the poor – need to work together to move.Of course, functional training can train the muscles and increases – but beyond that, it is also important engineers’ skills and charisma who can use your power!telemark_jumps..Mitch jump Telemark turning the upper body.Training, real-world results are …As soon as winter comes, we eat, breathe, sleep and snow sports. We go as far as possible and as hard as possible. Our goal is to do everything – when we are competing or climbing and spectacular design line which fits the film.Athletes who love snow – find the most appropriate functional training provide training to prepare for the season to stay in shape and avoid injury.The program, which we share with you today is the result of a natural development.For years, we were digging in designing our own training program so that more and more friends began our training sessions to attend. Bibi has become a training group successfully in their own rehabilitation centers and training for operations – Loft41 in Innsbruck, Austria, which became the basis of force training trek.All programs are used and approved by members of several groups of training – from amateur to professional athletes, elite. This training has proven results.

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